Friday, October 12, 2012

121012 - INDUSTRY Visit

Good evening sir ,
I am Kiran Kumar from MBA second year.
Today we went to Fortune Biotech Ltd Raigir with Laxminarayana and Sanjoy sir.
The company was established in 1997 investment of 40crs.
The company managing director is ANNAM DILIP KUMAR.
Company has 3 shifts.In each shift 30 members are working .
The company products are Aza, Neem Cake, Neem Oil,pesticides for Urea and Medicine.
The company has been taking rawmaterials from Ananthapuram(AP),Tamilnadu and Karnataka.
In first process all dust will be cleaned.In second process seeds divided into Hulls and Kernals.kernals mix with solvents(3 types of chemicals) then it gives Oil,Neem Cake and Aza.2000kg of kernal gives 2kg Aza.
The price of 1kg Aza is RS.70000
The company export their products to America,Italy and Irac.
Thank you sir. 
kiran kumar boga

Kranthi Mudiraj
  • Good evening sir!today we had a good Industrial visit.It is( Fortune Bio-Tech Ltd).The whole process is about extracting oil and a powder which is called as Azaid from the Neam nuts.This powder is used in feilds as fertilzer .The important aspect of this industry is that no bi-product is going waste.It is the only industry in total A.P.The output of the entire process is Azaid,it will be stored under 16 to 24 deg tem and azaid will be added with another chemical called as solvent with other liquid like water and it will be exported in big drums.even the extracted oil is used in making soaps.We really had a good visit sir.Thank you sir.Even i have samples of total process, i will show you on monday sir.

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

121002 - Gandhi Jayanthi - Internationmal Non-Violence Day

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