Saturday, August 6, 2011

samgraha - 2011 on august 10th

Hello sir good evening ,

This is Ejjas thanks for conducting samgraha program. We had a good interaction with our seniors we really actively participated in the occasion we really thankful to you for conducting this program for our sake .

with regards,
Ejjas (MBA 1ST YEAR)

Hai sir gud evening, thank u very much sir for conducting the activity
for 'MBA' students. It was really a good experience for me to have
such gud interaction with seniors by the program (samgraha) which you
have conducted for MBA's. I am very much thankful to you sir.
with regards,

Gangadhar Pasunuti
MBA I year.


  1. :) thats my pleasure sir..:) :) i enjoyed teaching them...:-p

  2. sir,its been an awesome experience to be a part of would have been not possible with out your support..!!i loved being with all mba students..:) :) they are very friendly..:) :)i always had this feeling of attending super super seniors farewell..:-p never got a chance..:) but this time it is fulfilled..thank you again for making one of my wildest dreams come true!